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       In addition to providing sources of information to assist in your cultural pursuit of the

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       Paid banner ads are juried and are placed for agencies or individuals having positive

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       Links to information from this site are placed for reference only.  An attempt is made to

  place only those recommended agencies except where there are several, but limited, viable

  choices of information sources.  The aim here is to present choices to the searcher. The

  limitation is space and time. Any attempt on this site to be exclusionary would be

  counterproductive. If an agency or individual, in your estimation, should be added to (or

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  be listed.  


       There are many reliable agencies that are not listed here. This is not meant to be a reverse

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Tips on Meeting a Good Woman in the FRS   (1) (2) (3) (4)




A Vacation Spot Popular with Russians



La Pineda, Spain




For a Wonderful Vacation in Beautiful Puerto Rico

C9 Hatillo del Mar in Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Romantic Tropical Getaway

Discounts for the Following:

Police, Fire Fighters, Boy or Girl Scout Leaders,

American Legion, VFW Members, Clergy / Religious, Seniors (60+)

Military - Active, Reserve, Retired or Dependant






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Kursk Memorial - Courtesy Howard K.

Kursk Memorial - Courtesy Howard K.

Kursk Memorial


(Courtesy of Howard K., England / St. Petersburg)


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Russian Literature

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